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We’re the Cherry People. Every 8 oz. bottle of our original cheribundi cherry juice has over 50 tart cherries in it. Of course, each one tastes incredible — they’re cherries, after all. But it’s what they do that makes us shove so many in a bottle. Packed with phytonutrients, it’s commonly called “the tart cherry” and is a true source of greatness for the body.* We’ve built our entire company around this amazing fruit, supporting the farmers who grow them and perfecting a juicing process that retains all of its delicious benefits. So drink up. You’re about to be one of us, too.

This is not the artificial flavor-filled red sugar water labeled as “cherry juice” that you drank as a kid. It is made from orchard-fresh, tart cherries, mixed with some delicious and healthy fruits and juices. Together, they create a refreshing, thirst-quenching bounty. The kind of refreshment you’ll want to have every day. Which is a good thing when you consider all the phytonutrients and anthocyanins you get.

Cheribundi built its name on the all-natural power of ripe, tart cherries. Now we’re combining these benefits with teas from the far east. Black tea or jasmine, no matter the tea leaf, its restorative and regenerative properties have been well documented for centuries. So while Refresh doesn’t contain as many cherries as our juices (those average 45 per bottle), it delivers a goodness all its own. All natural, meet all natural.

Why should juice have all the fun? We created a new way to enjoy those 100% natural tart cherries. And not to worry, our smoothies are just as full of nutrients, phytonutrients, vitamins, electrolytes, et cetera, as our juices. The advances in smoothie technology have been quite amazing in recent years. This smoothie here contains 25 tart cherries, picked at optimum ripeness, then smoothie-ized.